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KnownSRV Report Card
Contact Information

Tel: N/A
Email: support@knownsrv.com
Website: http://www.knownsrv.com/
Address: Suite 18675, Lower Ground Floor, 145-157 St John Street
London, London, EC1V 4PW, United Kingdom

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Support A
Sales A
Plans / Features A
Usability A
Final Grade A
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KnownSRV Tweets

We are honored to receive the Editor's Choice Award for #Secure #Hosting from @FindMyHost https://t.co/Zoqbx8ydJV

KnownSRV Team wishes you Happy Holidays and a lot of success in the coming year. Thank you for your business!

Hi @ModulesGarden, could you please check #220427, we have been waiting for a while and it's quite urgent for us.

Happy Holidays from KnownSRV! We hope 2015 is a great year for all of us :) email is being sent as we speak :)

We patched our systems against CVE-2014-6271 - critical bash vulnerability. All shared hosting and OpenVZ... http://t.co/P57BVmkrFJ

We just want to thank you once again for being loyal customers of KnownSRV. It's been a pleasure serving your hosting needs :)

Just FYI - our OVZ systems aren't vulnerable to the latest exploit. We use superior file-sytem ploop which... http://t.co/Z8SyMN0KF8

#TGGcon what happened to the website? :) http://t.co/Tuzn97QYqd

KnownSRV Team wishes you Happy Holidays and a lot of success in a new year. We sent our official Season... http://t.co/I2cb6uhUEE

We are upgrading kernels on all of our shared hosting and VPS Nodes due to new critical exploit that was released... http://t.co/5h8oqnqH4z

KnownSRV Newsletter #3 - http://t.co/fF3FmSE8ql

We will be performing a hardware upgrade on Tuesday, 26. Feb, 8AM CET. RAM will be upgraded from 16GB to 32GB on... http://t.co/VkwUfJIkwG

KnownSRV - http://t.co/K2kgKJkB

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